Learn How to Contact Pogo Billing Support Number And what they do.

How to Contact Pogo Billing Support Number And what they do: Are you someone who plays pogo games? Same pinch, buddy. I started because it is a free website with over 50 Hasbro and Pop Cap Games casual games.

It has a wide range of games, from card and board games to puzzles, sports, and word games, which I love.

Pogo offers most major credit and debit cards as payment methods, but you can also use a PayPal account to pay with a confirmed card, savings account, or checking account. 

The IT team can also help you deactivate your Pogo account and process a refund if you need to discontinue your subscription. There are a few major common concerns and some serious issues that can only be resolved by speaking with someone, which is when you start looking for a Pogo toll-free helpline number.

So, how you can seek help from them shall be answered by me here.

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Learn How to Contact Pogo Billing Support Number And what they do.

Most billing-related service and feature topics can be found by visiting Pogo games’ account settings. If you don’t remember the information listed above, keep the last four numbers of your card on file for Pogo account verification. 

The support representative will be able to assist you with any additional game troubleshooting issues you may have. The toll-free number for Pogo – EA Games.

As much as I have researched, one more number for Quick Help is available. There are two other ways to contact them. The following best technique is to communicate with the client. 

Some users struggle to understand and communicate their issues over the computer or mobile using live chat. For those users, you can request a callback for assistance once you contact Pogo customer support over the chat. 

One of the Pogo technical support people will call you back and help you with your Pogo account problem. 

What are the other ways to contact the support team? 

So, if the phone call isn’t convenient, you can contact the team via live chat or request a callback. Not only can contacting Pogo customer service assist you with billing issues, but it will also assist you in resolving Pogo game not working or loading issues. 

Here’s how you can get some help.

Help via live chat is the best way to get help with Pogo games. Simply go to POGO to get started. Then, follow the on-screen directions to obtain assistance.

Email chat assistance – if you’re having trouble signing in to Pogo, you can obtain a password reset link by email. Email help isn’t the best option for other difficulties.

POGO employees can be reached through email at info @pogo.ca or by using the following format: first initial, last name @pogo.ca.

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Learn how you change the billing subscription or billing information.

You may change your membership plan or update your billing information from the My Account page.

  1. Go to My Account on pogo.com after logging in.
  2. You can re-subscribe if your subscription has expired and the link above no longer works.
  3. Select Billing & Subscription from the drop-down menu.
  4. Look for other resources.
  5. Change your payment plan to change your subscription.
  6. Choose Edit your payment information to add, amend, or remove your billing details.

How do I get an E.A. Pogo subscription?

Follow these instructions to purchase a Club Pogo subscription with a credit card.

  1. To get started, log in to your Pogo account.
  2. Click the Join Club Pogo button after clicking Join Club on the banner.
  3. Choose a plan that suits your needs:
  4. Choose the Credit/Debit option on the Checkout page and enter your card information.
  5. Move on to the next step: Review the Order.

How to Cancel Your Club Pogo Subscription?

  1. Visit pogo.com.
  2. In the top right corner, click your avatar.
  3. Select My Account from the drop-down menu.
  4. On the left, select the Billing & Subscription tab.
  5. To cancel your subscription, click Cancel.
  6. To continue, click the Cancel Continue button.

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The bottom line

E.A. Games (Electronic Arts) owns and manages Free club Pogo games online, and there is no direct method to contact them for assistance. Over 5 million people use Pogo regularly to play games. With a large number of paid club Pogo members come a lot of questions and complaints. 

Many situations necessitate the assistance of the support team. It’s critical to keep your club membership payment method up to date. If you do not update your payment method, your premium membership may be disabled.

Note: The Bureau of Internal Revenue (B.I.R.) has shut down a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations (POGO) licensee and its service provider for failing to register with the tax agency. Imperial Choice Ltd. is a private company based in the United Kingdom.