Can I Get My Pof Account Back? Expert Solutions

Q – Can I Get My Pof Account Back? Let’s Find Out

A – Yes, You Can Get Your POF Account Back!

If you have deleted your account, you cannot have its access back. Permanently deleting your account means you no longer have the right to entry. You will have to create a completely new profile to regain access to your Plenty Of Fish account and its services.

On the other hand, if you have hidden your profile, you can change the settings and recover access to your account. If you are confused about changing the settings and unhiding your account, call POF’s customer care services using the POF support number. 

They will help you with the process with round-the-clock assistance and timely response. So dial the number right away!

Wish To Hide Your POF Account?

People often wish to take a break from online dating, which is completely understandable. There can be many reasons to hide or delete their accounts. Given below are clear-cut instructions to hide your profile.

Read along and apply it if you wish to deactivate your POF account temporarily.

Step 1- Login to your POF account

Whatever changes you wish for can only be made when you log in to your account. So, log in to your account by using your username and password. You can also use your email address in place of your username.

Step 2- Click the ‘Edit Profile’ option and click the link.

Check the top right of your screen; you will find the ‘Edit Profile’ option. Clicking on it will redirect you to a text that says, ‘To hide your profile from others, click here. Go forward and click on this link. Your account will now be hidden and won’t be available in the search results of your fellow POF account holders.

Step 3- Unhide your profile

Whenever you feel like making a comeback, you must follow the same steps as the above. But just click on the ‘To unhide your profile from others, click here’ option. This will make your account visible in the search results again, and you will regain access to your profile.

You can also connect with POF Customer Support Number for any assistance.

Found Your Love Interest? Delete Your POF Account With These Simple Steps

Step 1- Head to the ‘Help’ menu

After logging in to your account, head to the top right corner of the page. On finding the Help button, click on it.

Step 2- Click ‘Delete’ Account

After pressing the Help button, click on a link that you will find on the top center of the page, which says ‘Delete Account.’ You will be directed to a page loaded with testimonials that aim at convincing you to not delete your account. Scroll down to the bottom of that page until you reach the option ‘To delete your account, click here.’ Click on it.

Step 3- Insert your username and password in the required fields. 

You will be asked to enter your credentials. After entering them into the blank fields, mention your reason for leaving by selecting an option from the drop-down menu. Now, click on ‘Delete Account’. Remember that you must have had your POF account for at least a day to be able to delete it permanently.

If you cannot delete your account, you can always get help from the experts. Use POF Support Number to talk to a customer care executive.